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About Klaviyo

$3.7 billion in revenue—that's how much brands have made using Klaviyo in the last year alone. Klaviyo is the growth marketing platform built for online businesses of all sizes. Consuming more customer data than any other solution on the market, Klaviyo helps more than 21,000 brands truly own their customer experience. The platform analyzes every interaction and captures 360-degree views of your customers. Delivering richer insights, Klaviyo empowers you to create more personalized marketing moments and higher value customer relationships. Do more with your store’s data. When you own your marketing experiences, your growth possibilities are endless.

Klaviyo and Friendbuy

Leverage Friendbuy's integration with Klaviyo to enhance referral program automation. Friendbuy will send Advocate and Referred Friend email addresses and phone numbers to Klaviyo. Friendbuy will also generate vanity referral links for all Advocates and send those to Klaviyo and will be included in your customers' Klaviyo profile. Friendbuy will also automatically send coupon codes to Klaviyo that have been distributed to referred Friends

Use cases

  • Driving Awareness of Your Referral Program

    Use Klaviyo to send dedicated dedicated refer-a-friend email and SMS campaigns to Advocates. You can also include their personal vanity referral link in the messages for easy sharing.

  • Re-Market to referred Friends

    Friendbuy will distribute coupon codes to referred Friends as a way to incentivize a first purchase. These coupon codes will automatically be sent to Klaviyo so you can include them in reminder emails for these friends to redeem their coupon codes.