About Delighted

Delighted is a turnkey customer experience platform that helps you measure, monitor, and improve customer experiences. Powered by Delighted AI, a purpose-built algorithm tuned on the millions of pieces of feedback customers like you receive, Delighted optimizes and automates feedback collection and analysis, so you can spend more time acting on customer insights.

Customize Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), 5-star surveys, and more to capture feedback on any customer touchpoint. Ask about the sales process, your website experience, post-purchase satisfaction, and support interactions. The possibilities are endless.

Set up your surveys in minutes, not weeks, all within the Delighted platform.

- Customize the look and feel of your survey to match your brand and audience in the Delighted app, no design or dev resources necessary

- Choose from 37 languages to suit your audience

- Create a survey thank you page to ask your fans to spread the word with a Friendbuy referral link and your detractors to reach out to support

- Send surveys via email, SMS text, kiosk, URL link, in-app with our mobile SDK, or on your website

Once you've collected the feedback, Delighted also makes it easy to analyze and act on it to improve your customer experience. Set up one of our multiple integrations to sync feedback to your existing tools, such as Slack, Zendesk, Shopify, Stripe, Friendbuy, and more.

Plus, use our built-in reporting and AI-driven survey text analysis feature to automatically surface insights, so you can focus your time on taking action.

Delighted and Friendbuy

Delighted & Friendbuy make it seamless for your most loyal customers to take that extra step in providing a referral. Encourage your most enthusiastic promoters to refer friends and family directly from the survey Thank you page.

The Friendbuy referral link is built right into the Delighted survey experience so promoters can easily refer their friends to your company. Conditional logic ensures only your promoters are shown the Friendbuy code.

Use cases

  • Provide fans with a Friendbuy referral link within the survey experience

    Keep the positive sentiment going by providing happy customers with a Friendbuy referral link to share directly from the survey completion Thank You page. The Thank You page is governed by conditional logic, so only happy customers receive the referral link.