Address Book Import

About CloudSponge

One integration. Dozens of address books. Zero hassle.

CloudSponge’s Contact Picker allows your users to share their contacts with your website without typing, uploading spreadsheets, or copying and pasting from another window.

Companies from every industry use CloudSponge to get access to their users’ address books.
Jay Gibb, CEO at CloudSponge

CloudSponge and Friendbuy

CloudSponge's Contact Picker doubles (or triples) the performance of Friendbuy's Referral Widgets by keeping users engaged. It prevents users from leaving your site to gather their contacts, which can keep them from coming back. Preventing distractions for users while they're sharing their friends’ emails addresses is a huge advantage. People are more likely to share more contacts if they are able to easily search, select, and input email addresses directly from their address books, rather than typing email addresses one-by-one from a different window. Friendbuy’s interface coupled with the CloudSponge contact picker will boost your referrals to unparalleled heights.